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新東方GRE核心詞匯考法精析 List31:Unit7

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surmount .
【考法 1】 vt. 戰勝,獲得勝利: to achieve a victory over
【例】 an Olympic swimmer who surmounted endless obstacles to achieve her goals 一個克服重重困難最終實現目標的奧運游泳運動員
【近】 conquer, defeat, overbear, overcome, overmatch, prevail, subdue, triumph, win
【反】 lose 失敗
surrogate .
【考法 1】 n. 替代品: one that takes the place of another
【例】 For some people, Google Earth is never a justified surrogate for actual travel. 對于一部分人而言,谷歌地球決不是旅行的合理替代品。
【近】 backup, cover, fill-in, relief, replacement, reserve, stand-in, substitute
tame .
【考法 1】 adj. 被馴化的: reduced from a state of native wildness especially so as to be tractable and useful to humans
【例】 Every evening, a wild Canada goose is at the food trough with our tame geese. 每天傍晚的食槽邊總會出現一只野生加拿大鵝和我們的飼養家鵝一起進食。
【近】 domestic, domesticated, tamed
【反】 feral, savage, undomesticated, untamed, wild 野生的
【考法 2】 adj. 無聊的,乏味的: lacking spirit, zest, interest, or the capacity to excite
【例】 That action movie was so tame I fell asleep about 20 minutes into it. 那部動作片實在是太無聊了,我剛開場二十分鐘就睡著了。
【近】 arid, drab, dreary, drudging, humdrum, insipid, jading, jejune, monochromatic, monotonous, pedestrian, ponderous, stale, stodgy, tedious, tiresome, wearisome
【反】 absorbing, engaging, engrossing, gripping, interesting, intriguing, involving, riveting 令人感興趣的
【考法 3】 vt. 控制,抑制: to keep from exceeding a desirable degree or level (as of expression)
【例】 Try to tame your language when you are in front of the kids. 在孩子面前注意一下你的措辭。
【近】 bridle, check, constrain, contain, curb, govern, hold, inhibit, keep, measure, regulate, rein, restrain, rule
【反】 unleash 宣泄(感情等)
tangle .
【考法 1】 n. 困惑,不解: a state of perplexity or complete bewilderment
【例】 My mind has been in a tangle ever since I learned some information about an old, deceased acquaintance. 自從我獲知一些關于已故的老熟人的消息之后我就陷入了困惑之中。
【近】 bafflement, befuddlement, bemusement, bewilderment, confusedness, distraction, muddle, mystification, perplexity, puzzlement, whirl
【反】 assurance, certainty, certitude, confidence, conviction, sureness 確信
【考法 2】 vt. 糾纏,使…糾結: to seize and hold in or as if in a snare
【例】 was at last tangled in the web of lies that he had told to everyone 最終被自己所編織的謊言纏住了
【近】 enmesh, ensnare, ensnarl, entrap, mesh, net, snare, trap
【反】 disentangle 解開
teeming .
【考法 1】 adj. 大量的: possessing or covered with great numbers or amounts of something specified
【例】 oceans teeming with life 孕育著無窮生命的海洋
【近】 abundant, ample, awash, cornucopian, flush, fraught, lousy, replete, swarming, thick, thronging
【反】 bare, barren, blank, devoid, empty, stark, vacant, void 貧瘠的,空無一物的
temporal .
【考法 1】 adj. 世俗的,塵世的: of or relating to earthly life
【例】 The master told his disciples not to worry about temporal concerns, but instead focus on spiritual matters. 大師要弟子們不要為塵世間的紛爭而苦惱,而是將精神集中于靈魂上的思考。
【近】 carnal, earthborn, earthbound, fleshly, material, mundane, secular, sublunary, terrene, terrestrial, worldly
【反】 heavenly, unearthly, unworldly 非塵世間的;spiritual 精神上的;religious 宗教的
tentative .
【考法 1】 adj. 暫時性的,嘗試的: not fully worked out or developed
【例】 Our plans are only tentative at this point and will depend on whether you can come. 我們的計劃只是暫時性的,具體還要看你能否前來。
【近】 ad interim, impermanent, interim, provisional, provisionary, provisory, short-term, temporary, trial
【反】 final 最終的;ceaseless, endless, eternal, immortal, permanent, perpetual, undying 永久性的
tyrant .
【考法 1】 n. 暴君: a ruler who exercises absolute power oppressively or brutally
【例】 The people universally feared the tyrant, who was notorious for his frequent use of torture. 人們非??志逭飧霰┚?,因為他有著經常折磨犯人的臭名。
【近】 dictator, oppressor, pharaoh, strongman
【派】 tyranny n. 暴政,苛政
unanimous .
【考法 1】 adj. 一致同意的: having the agreement and consent of all
【例】 a unanimous vote to upgrade the school's computer facilities 一致同意對學校的計算機設備進行升級
【近】 consentaneous, uncontested
【派】 unanimity n. 一致同意
unremitting .
【考法 1】 adj. 連續不斷的: going on and on without any interruptions
【例】 Unremitting rain lasted for six days. 連續下了六天的雨。
【近】 ceaseless, continual, continuing, incessant, nonstop, perpetual, unbroken, uninterrupted
【反】 discontinuous, intermittent 不連續的,有間斷的
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tentative ['tentətiv]


adj. 試驗性質的,暫時的,猶豫不決的

awash [ə'wɔʃ]


adj. 被浪沖打的;與水面齊平的

tangled ['tæŋɡld]


adj. 紊亂的;糾纏的;纏結的;復雜的

tame [teim]


adj. 馴服的,柔順的,乏味的
vt. 馴養

flush [flʌʃ]


v. 奔流,發紅,沖洗,迅速流過
n. 臉紅,

unleash ['ʌn'li:ʃ]


v. 解開 ... 的皮帶,解除 ... 的束縛,解放

frequent ['fri:kwənt]


adj. 經常的,頻繁的
vt. 常到,常去

check [tʃek]


n. 檢查,支票,賬單,制止,阻止物,檢驗標準,方格圖案

temporary ['tempərəri]


adj. 暫時的,臨時的
n. 臨時工

permanent ['pə:mənənt]


adj. 永久的,持久的
n. 燙發